InnerWorks is a leading Laser Screed Concrete Flooring Contractor based in Kuwait, a German collaboration. We offer highly specialized Concrete Flooring, Turnkey Projects and Design to Build Concepts.

Our expertise cover a wide range of projects including Sub Base to Finished Floor for Car Park,Runway,Hanger at Air Base,Sea Port,Army Base,Factory,Warehouse,Industrial Flooring using the latest Laser Screed technology. 

Our service and long experience in laser concrete flooring and supply / apply Epoxy Coating paved the way to work with the most prestigious companies, and main contractors, not only in Kuwait but, worldwide.  

• We are an international company focused mainly of concrete Flatworks, Concrete flooring and supply & apply Epoxy Coating or Polished Concrete.

• We use a full automated Somero laser system in casting and finishing concrete flooring.
 • We are based on our Well experienced and certified skilled labors.
 (Each staff member acquired a DIN and ACI courses)
 • We provide a full technical support to our Clients from design to finished floor.
 • We have long experience in laying concrete and Epoxy Coatings in the Region.

In addition to performing Laser screed service for flat floors, we offer services such as Epoxy, Polished concrete and Floor Repairs as well. 

We also provide Dowel plates, Armored joints, Joint Sealant, Steel Fiber, Floor hardener. 

Highlights - 

• Laser Screed Concrete flooring
 • Industrial flooring, Factory, Warehouse flooring
 • Airport runway , Army / Military base
 • Car Park Flooring
 • Formwork, Steel fiber Or TMT wire mesh reinforcement,
 • Laying and leveling concrete, finishing with Somero Laser Screed Technology and Barikell Ride on Power Trowel
 • Construction joints, Groove cutting and groove filling with sealants
 • Epoxy coating, Polished concrete
 • Stamp concrete, Designer concrete
 • Precast
 • Tremix / Vacuum Dewatering Concrete Flooring(VDF)

We Deals in Supply of Flooring Products  

• Armour joint
 • Dowel Bar, Dowel Plate
 • Sealants
 • Steel Fiber
 • Floor Hardner
 • Epoxy
 • Polished Concrete